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It's time to show your favorite jeans.

Blue jeans are some of the most versatile wardrobe items you can own and can easily be worn variety ways. Blue jeans are must items, especially the regular blue one. You know and I know, jeans have lots of styles: skinny, full flare, high or low waist, cropped, ripped and so on. With the trend grunge "fishnet" is becoming popular around the street outfits, the hole jeans have been the main stain. So which style do you want to wear?

Next, I’ll share some styling outfits. Let's do it.

minn Pinterest / white hoodied sweatshirt +blue knee hole jeans + Nike sneakers

permezzoutfitshunter / white sweater + knee ripped jeans + casual flat shoes

permezzstyleestate / deep v crop floral blouse + ripped jeans + sandal

permezzjustthedesign / pure lapel shirt + skinny blue jeans + sandal

minn Pinterest / black tee + retro blue jeans + Adidas sneakers

permezzwhowhatwear/ graphic tee+ light blue cropped jeans + sandals

permezzil-valvessur / white shirt + skinny cropped jeans + high heels + grid coat

permezzbloglovin / short sweater + double waist cropped jeans + black boots

permezz ta 'ins @michelletakeaim / oversized blouse + ripped cropped jeans + fishnet

minn Tumblr 

minn Pinterest/ off-shoulder embroidery top + retro blue jeans

minn Pinterest



AKTAR: Jeans Collection at Lupsona

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